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Dublin: 08.10.2007 15:46PM

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Site sells €200m worth of Irish business

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Halo 3 reaps in US$300m in first week

08.10.2007 - In business almost three years, is currently advertising over 330 business opportunities within Ireland which are valued at over €200m.

The company, founded in 2005, advertises Irish businesses that are for sale or looking for funding, or acts as a portal for someone looking to place an ad seeking a business themselves.

The main customer base, says John Ahern, managing director of, are business owners, accountants or business brokers.

The funding element has been particularly successful, sourcing finances for everything from an Irish film project to a print firm looking for a partner.

“What we are noticing is that there is an international element to the website, of people looking to come back into the Irish marketplace. People who have made their money abroad and are looking to buy business that they can come back and run,” said Ahern.

Bringing a business model like this online, says Ahern, maximizes the potential amount of customers who are going to look at this kind of opportunity.

Following on from its initial success, theBusinessShop has set itself a golden target: aiming to become the ultimate source for businesses based in Ireland seeking funding.

With three employees, has two bases; one in Limerick and one in Waterford.

By Marie Boran

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