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Dublin: 14.01.2008 15:45PM

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Investor site launches video pitching

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14.01.2008 - Irish business and investment site has launched a facility to allow entrepreneurs upload investor video pitches.

The LivePitch facility enables people seeking investment to upload their audiovisual pitch to prospective investors. This can be accompanied by business plans, spreadsheets and images. said there was a growing demand for more interactivity when it comes to investor pitches, with investors wanting clips that can be downloaded to iPods and other portable media devices.

With video pitches, potential investors can view the entrepreneur, their presentation style and their personality, as well as assess the business plan. It will allow the investor to judge not just the business idea but also the entrepreneur, according to

The launch of LivePitch is driven by the fact that Ireland’s broadband use is growing and web viewers have become more used to a media-rich environment, the site owners said.

LivePitch is a no-cost addition to the site’s premium advertising package that costs €350.90. was founded in 2005 as an online marketplace for business opportunities across the island of Ireland.

By Niall Byrne

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